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Sunday, 15 March 2009

GCSE Geography After-school Revision sessions - 2009

Your Geography teachers encourage you to attend as many of these short, focused sessions as you can.

Sessions run from 3.00pm - 3.20pm every Monday in Humanities – short bursts are very effective, so make the most of this extra support.

There will also be a drop in session available every Tuesday in H4 from 3.20 – 3.50 with Mr. Palmer, to answer any puzzling Geography questions you may have.

Revision sessions:
H2 (Mr. Drake) – Exam Skills
H3 (Mr. Mirza) – Case Studies
H4 (Mr. Palmer) – Knowledge & Skills

23rd March 2009
Using OS maps effectively - H2
Water, Landforms & People: Colorado water management scheme - H3
Climate, the Environment & People: Acid Rain: Cause, Effects, Solutions - H4

30th March 2009
Interpreting the question - H2
People, Work & Development: A country receiving aid – Tanzania & Fairtrade in Ecuador - H3
Water, Landforms & People: Features of a River Basin and how they form

20th April 2009
Achieving maximum marks for a Describe question - H2
Climate, the Environment & People: High & Low pressure weather events (Europe, 2003 and UK, Feb 09) - H3
Climate, the Environment & People: Factors affecting temperature and Microclimates - H4

11th May 2009
Achieving maximum marks for an Explain question - H2
People and Place: Urban redevelopment; Favelas vs London Docklands - H3
People, Work & Development: MNCs or TNCs and their Pros and Cons plus Key Words - H4

18th May 2009
Achieving maximum marks for a Compare question - H2
Water, Landforms & People: Flooding: MEDC - R. Rhine & LEDC - Bangladesh - H3
Climate, the Environment & People: Comparing types of Rainfall - H4

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