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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tsunami hits Pacific islands

A tsunami triggered by a strong quake in the South Pacific has killed more than 100 people in several islands.

The BBC News website reports that at least 77 people were reported dead in Samoa, more than 25 in American Samoa and at least six in Tonga.

Residents and tourists fled to higher ground as whole villages were destroyed. Boats were swept inland and cars and people out to sea.

The 8.3-magnitude quake struck at 1748 GMT on Tuesday, generating 15ft (4.5m) waves in some areas of the islands.

The Samoa islands comprise two separate entities - the nation of Samoa and American Samoa, a US territory. The total population is about 250,000.

For more information about the Tsunami, maps, photos from the scene and descriptions of the impacts, click on this link

In addition, watch the moment an amateur camera man filmed the wave moving through one of the areas affected here

A devastating example that illustrates our Term 1 KS3 theme - Dangerous World

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