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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is your home at risk of flooding?

Flooding has been in the news again following the bad weather experienced in the North West of England over the last few weeks. Many people have been affected as intense periods of heavy rainfall increased river levels and caused rivers to swell and flood in towns like Cockermouth and Workington in Cumbria.

Homes have been flooded and businesses forced to close. Many people have found it difficult to get to school and work as bridges have been closed after their foundations were weakened by the force of the raging water.

However, was this a surprise. Do you know whether your home is at risk of flooding? Use the Environment Agency flood map to see whether you could be at risk. Simply type in your postcode and look at the results.

Please note that the Flood Map is intended only as a guide. It is not designed to be accurate at the individual property level.

Posted by D.Drake

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