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Thursday, 7 January 2010

First snow, now ice is causing problems across parts of the UK

Commuters have been subject to more delays and disruption as icy conditions cause more problems on the roads and rails.

Beautiful But Potentially Deadly

James Matthews reports from South Lanarkshire on the threat the snow poses for remote farming communities.

A schoolgirl narrowly avoids injury as a car skids on ice and flips into the air, missing her by inches.

Stocking up

The cold snap has also lead to a shortage of food supplies in some areas, as people stock up on essentials.

Insurance claims leap as big freeze continues
The Independent

Insurers today said they had seen a sharp increase in home and motor claims as a result of the freezing weather. Many groups reported a spike of up to 50 per cent in the number of claims they were handling, particularly for burst pipes.

Insurer More Than said it had been "exceptionally busy", receiving more than 50 per cent more claims than it would usually expect for the time of year. The group said the vast majority of the calls related to the freezing conditions, with increases in both the proportion of single motor vehicle accidents and vehicles hit whilst parked. It also reported a rise in the number of customers who had suffered burst pipes.

The UK's largest insurer Aviva said it had seen a 30 per cent jump in the number of motor insurance claims it was receiving. But it said it had not yet seen a significant increase in claims for burst pipes, although it was expecting a steep rise once temperatures begin to increase and ice melts, causing damage to people's homes where pipes have broken. It said there was a 500 per cent increase in burst pipe claims during last year's cold snap.

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