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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

GCSE Geography Revision Homework

For the attention of my Year 11 GCSE Geography class
Homework for 20th January 2010

You need to find the definitions for the key terms given in the lesson. To help you find these I have just uploaded a new part to the GCSE Geography Revision section during Half time between Man Utd and Man City (shouldn't have been a penalty!) There is now a glossary card for each of the units you will be examined on this summer.

You can access the glossary cards by clicking on the this link - Revision section.

At any other time, this same section can be accessed via the permanent link on the left hand side of the front page in the KS4 and 5 Geography section to help you prepare for the Mocks and final exams

Homework due in on 21st January - we will be marking it in the lesson!

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