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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Impact of Haiti earthquake now viewed as 'apocalyptic'

Extent of damage becoming clear

The extent of the damage from the earthquake that his Haiti on Tuesday is now becoming clear. Thousands of people have been left homeless and the vast majority of buildings around the epicentre west of the capital Port au Prince have been destroyed. An after shock that struck the region yesterday added to the difficulties for rescuers still desperately searching for bodies amongst the rubble.

Chaos and looting

As a result of the chaos and desperation being felt by people, looting has become a problem as people search for food and water as well as taking advantage of goods left unguarded after shops collapsed in the capital during the quake. Yesterday saw reports of a violent mob of up to 1000 people looting premises, taking anything they could carry away.

Why has Haiti been so badly affected?

Scientists and Geographers have been explaining that the impact of the earthquake was particularly devastating due to the location of the epicentre. Proximity to the surface, population density and the fact that Haiti is a poor country all contributed to the magnitude of the disaster

Death toll and aid effort

Latest reports suggest that the death toll could be as high as 50,000 with aid workers suggesting that the impact of the quake is more serious than the impact of the 2004 tsunami on Indonesia. There is a severe shortage of medicine, doctors and medical facilities which is threatening the lives of many more people. The aid effort is being hampered by roads blocked by debris and littered with dead bodies, whilst the nearby ports are damaged and the airport is severely congested.

For more information and to view satelite images of the areas affected click here where information is constantly updated on the BBC News website

You can make a donation to help the aid effort in Haiti - please get parental permission before doing this

Online - Click on this link to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) website
Phone - 0370 60 60 900
Text  - Text the word “GIVE” to 70077 to donate £5 to the DEC for the Haiti earthquake appeal. £5 goes to DEC. You pay £5, plus your standard network SMS rate.

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