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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Supermarkets do a roaring trade amid cold spell

Thousands of customers were making extra trips to stores amid some of the coldest weather for years.

Cat litter was proving popular in icy areas, with people using it as an alternative to salt for clearing roads and pathways. An Asda spokeswoman said sales of Wellington boots, puddings and take-away food, as well as anti-freeze products, fire logs and thermal underwear, had all seen big increases over the past two days.

She said purchases of 25kg bags of grit were up by 32%, George thermal underwear by 1,000% and cat litter up by 55%. Fire logs were also up by 71% and vacuum flasks by 129%.

Sainsbury's said shoppers were stocking up on store cupboard and winter essential items. David Bailey, Sainsbury's weather analyst, said: "We know shoppers' buying habits change according to the weather - a temperature change of three degrees from the seasonal average can result in sales of some products going up by as much as 50%." The supermarket chain said flask and travel mug sales had increased by more than 160% on this time last year. Hotpots and casseroles rose by 20%, cat litter by 20% and oat cereals by 50%.

Morrisons' shoppers were salting their paths and steps with cooking and table salt, the store said. It reported sales of 1.5kg bags of Morrisons cooking salt were up by almost 400% compared with the beginning of last week.

Tesco said the sale of soup was up 60% on a normal week. The store's Simon Williams said: "This week we expect to sell at least 500,000 litres of soup which is the equivalent of two Olympic sized swimming pools full."

Source - Sky News

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