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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies – The media bit!

The new GCSE course requires students to be aware of religion in the media – television, the news and films so here are some ideas of things you could watch:

Section One – Believing in God

• Songs of Praise

• BBC Radio 4 – Sunday worship (8.10am)

• Richard Dawkins – The Root of all evil

• Some episodes of The Simpsons

• Following media stories on Humanities blog and philosophy blog

• Bruce Almighty

Section Two – Matters of Life and Death

• News stories and articles on the blogs

• A short stay in Switzerland

• Million Dollar Baby

Section Three – Marriage and the family

• Eastenders, Hollyoaks and other soaps

• Four Weddings and a funeral

• News stories particularly regarding same sex “marriages”

Section Four – Community Cohesion

• News stories particularly regarding immigration, racial tension and asylum seekers

• Channel Four documentary – Bradford riots

• East is East

• Bend it like Beckham

• Anita and Me

Watch out for news about lunchtime showings of some of the films mentioned here – starting with Million Dollar Baby in the first week of term five!

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