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Monday, 12 September 2011

Remnants of Hurricane Katia felt in UK

Text source - BBC News

Southern and central parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northern England and Wales have been experiencing winds of up to 80mph (129km/h). In Chippenham today, although no where near as strong, the winds noticeably stronger than usual.

Flood alerts have been issued, with road, rail and ferry travel disrupted. Cars were crushed when a roof collapsed in County Durham and in Scotland, power was out after a telegraph pole fell.

A lorry hit a tree on the A811 near Arnprior causing the telegraph pole to collapse.

More than a dozen cars were crushed when the roof of a building on Littleburn Industrial Estate at Langley Moor collapsed due to strong winds.

Although the winds are strong - we did not have a hurricane. To find out how hurricanes are born watch this video clip from BBC Weather

We do not experience hurricanes in the UK due to our geographical location and the fact that the sea surrounding us is not warm enough to allow hurricanes to be created or to sustain them when they move in our direction.

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