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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Coastal Landscapes and Landforms video

Year 10 GCSE Geography homework questions/tasks:

  1. What is the term used to describe the distance over which waves build up?
  2. Why are waves on the south coast so powerful?
  3. Draw a series of labelled diagrams to show how Lulworth Cove was formed
  4. Draw a labelled diagram to show how longshore drift works - include the terms; updrift, downdrift, swash and backwash
  5. What have been built along Bournemouth beach to protect it from coastal erosion
  6. How do groynes work? - You could draw a diagram if you wish
  7. Describe the impact the groynes at Bournemouth have had on Barton On Sea
  8. Explain why this has happened
  9. Why did they decide not to protect the homes at Barton On Sea?

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