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Monday, 20 February 2012

Drought declared in England

From BBC News website
Parts of England could experience "crippling" drought this summer, with 2010-11 recording the third driest two-year period since records began.

Here, BBC weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas takes a look at recent rainfall amounts in the UK and asks whether the dry conditions are likely to persist in some areas.

The environment secretary is to meet water companies, farmers and wildlife groups amid fears that parts of Britain may face the worst drought since 1976.

Parts of south-east England, East Anglia and the east Midlands are among the worst affected areas.

View map of England and Wales to see how rainfall levels are leading to a drought risk

Sky News report:

Full report from Sky News here:

Sky News VIDEO report - Some are calling for radical plans to be made in order to reduce future risks. A national water grid, compulsory meters and desalination plants could ease regular droughts affecting large parts of the UK.

What else can we do about it?
With parts of the UK regularly experiencing a water surplus, whilst other parts experiencing a deficit, some people, including the Mayor of London – are calling for a water transfer scheme to be considered to reduce future risks. Read the BBC News report here

Additional drought information is available on the Environment Agency website

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