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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Second fatal earthquake hits Italy

A new earthquake has struck the Emilia region in northern Italy, So far the death toll has reached 15, whilst several others are trapped under rubble where several building sites and workshops had just reopened after the previous quake on May 20th.

AP Video Report:

The quake was estimated at magnitude 5.8 and hit the same region where a quake 10 days ago killed seven people and destroyed many buildings. The Italian government says the number of people made homeless has gone up from 6,000 to 14,000.

The quake struck 40km north of Bologna and 60km east of Parma, at a depth of 9.6km

The quake occurred at 9am local time. As a result, many people were already at their place of work which could have led to a higher number of deaths that otherwise expected. Four powerful aftershocks also hit the area within 90 minutes of initial tremor

 CNN Report:

Additional impacts: 

  • In Parma, a football friendly between Italy and Luxembourg due to be held on Tuesday evening was called off.
  • The car manufacturer Ferrari sent employees home from its assembly line in Maranello.
  • Schools were evacuated across the Emilia Romagna region, but also in Florence in Tuscany.
  • A hospital was reportedly evacuated in Modena
  • Train services at Bologna were delayed for checks to the lines. 
  • Sports car maker Ferrari and motorcycle firm Ducati closed their plants in the region for safety reasons.
  • Several historic buildings, some damaged by the previous quake, suffered further damage. 
  • Thousands of residents still living in tents forced to flee again 

A collection of images from the earthquake can be viewed here:

An animation showing how earthquakes happen can be viewed here:

Location map:

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