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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wet summer weather continues to cause problems

The unseasonal wet weather continues to cause disruption in parts of southern England following on from the flooding that hit mid Wales earlier in the week:

The reason for this unseasonal weather is due to the unusual location of the jet stream. This is explained here:

Up to 65mm of rain has fallen within 24 hours, more than southern England's average rainfall for the whole of June, flooding homes and businesses, closing schools and disrupting transport.

More than 40 flood alerts – which mean that flooding is possible – were issued by the Environment Agency, again mainly for the south-east but also for East Anglia, the Midlands, the north-east and south-west.


Flooding in Chichester - West Sussex

More than 20 people have been rescued from flooded caravans at two holiday parks in West Sussex after heavy rainfall

Fire crews across West Sussex dealt with more than 650 emergency calls in 18 hours - the same number they usually receive in a month

Seven schools in Bognor Regis and Chichester are closed, with another two partly closed, because of the conditions

Felpham Community College was also closed and exams cancelled after roads there became too dangerous to use

View ITV News reports here:

Kent County Cricket Club was forced to move its match against Sussex to Canterbury
More than 20 Kent bathing beaches remain closed after raw sewage was discharged into the sea following heavy rain at the end of May

Riverside Festival - a free music festival in Oxfordshire - has been postponed because of flooding concerns

Management strategies
Click on this link to see what can be done on a local and national scale to prepare and respond to such events:

More info here:

Sources: BBC News, BBC Weather, ITV News, The Guardian

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