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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hurricane Isaac hits Louisiana in the USA

New Orleans in the United States is experiencing a hurricane exactly seven years after Hurricane Katrina which devastated vast areas and left a lasting impact on the region. Since that time new flood defences have been erected and existing ones reinforced. However, the region was still on high alert as Hurricane Isaac passed through.

Hurricane Isaac hits Louisiana – BBC Weather Video:

BBC News website – Hurricane hits:

CNN Reports:

CNN Video - Storm surge creeps up to house:


Daily Mail info and pics:

Guardian website coverage:

Daily Telegraph coverage:

USA Today coverage – including interactive maps:

ABC News Video:
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Additional ABC News reports:

BBC News Video: Impact of flood water

Hurricane Isaac tested New Orleans's $14-billion new levees, put in place after Hurricane Katrina

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Sources: BBC News, Guardian, CNN, Telegraph, ABC News, USA Today, Al Jazeera

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