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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Year 12 Homework - tourism: political factors

Watch the clips to see how political factors can affect tourism. Summarise the main points around your spider diagram template we created in the lesson

VIDEO - From tourist attraction to ghost town in Libya - Impact of political instability  #geographyteacher #tourism

VIDEO - Uprising affects #tourism in Syria  #geographyteacher Jan 19, 2012

VIDEO - Political instability affects #tourism in Tunisia  #geographyteacher Jan 16, 2012

Geography VIDEO - Tourism numbers rise significantly in Myanmar after 2010 elections Feb 18, 2012

VIDEO - Greece #tourism hit by eurozone crisis as less tourist arrive on island of Agistri:  #geography Jun 15, 2012

VIDEO - Greece's financial troubles and the impact on #tourism:  #geography Jun 19, 2012

Debt crisis hits Greek hotels as tourists stay away amid reports of strikes & unrest on streets.   #tourism #geography Aug 21, 2012

These links are all posts from my school Twitter account. Those of you who have not already done so, I recommend that you follow and look out for the following hashtags this term: #ASgeography #tourism #energy. Just click on this link: @AbbGeography as this will help you with your studies.

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