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Friday, 28 December 2012

Tornadoes and snow storms batter parts of the US

A powerful winter storm that has dumped a foot of snow on parts of the United States forced the cancellation of 700 further flights on Thursday (27 Dec 2012) and threatened more havoc as it hit the New England states with fierce winds.

Sixteen people have been reported killed by a severe snow storm moving through the north-eastern US after disrupting Christmas in the Midwest.

States in New England are seeing heavy snowfall, with over a foot (30cm) already fallen in parts of Massachusetts, weather officials said.

Flights were grounded and road collisions reported as the storm moved across the middle of the US.

As many as 34 tornadoes were reported across the South on Christmas Day.
The storm moved across northern New England on Thursday afternoon. Heavy snow was also reported in eastern parts of Canada.


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